We found each other on zwift in September 2016, with a simple idea of starting a scandinavian team. Zwift Vikings was created, the founding partners Bill Clinton, Vegard Thomassen and Håvard Thomassen were quick to get a facebook page going for zwift Vikings. After a few short months, we saw the need to create a group ride and race page too, Valhalla Ride and Race was created. Our goal was simple and still is, we wanted to have kit in game for Vikings and create an atmosphere on our rides that everyone felt welcome and included.

After a few years and many discussions later, the birth of Team Valhalla came in June 2020. Vikings is a club that communicates in scandinavian language so we needed a platform for our “non scandi speaking” crew. Team Valhalla has grown rapidly and already has their in game kit too.

We now host group rides every day of the week and both teams compete in WTRL TTT and ZRL along with various other series.

This is the story thus far, but it’s long from over.


From left: Håvard, Bill and Vegard

We are adding more leads and sweeps, so check back!