Zwift Racing League (ZRL) has taken racing to the next level on Zwift. It’s well-organized bike racing on an unprecedented scale, with eight weeks of team-based points competition held across multiple timezones catering to thousands of teams. And that’s why serious Zwift racers show up week after week: because everyone knows ZRL is where Zwift racing is at its highest level.

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2022/23 Season Dates

Round 1: Sept 13th to Oct 18th 2022

Round 2: Nov 7th to Dec 13 2022

Round 3: Jan 10th to Feb 14th 2023

Season Finale: March 2023

Race schedule can be found here:

Ruleset Updates

The latest ZRL ruleset is available as a PDF linked from this page. The ruleset doesn’t appear to have changed significantly from the prior season.

If you’re new to ZRL, you’ll definitely want to get familiar with the ruleset and points structures, as these will inform strategic decisions made as a team.

Timeslots and Divisions

Tips for First-Timers

If this is your first time racing on Zwift, here are a few tips and links to get you started fast:
You have to be signed up for ZwiftPower in order to participate. Instructions
You must create a WTRL account as well – do so at
The category you’ll race in is determined by your FTP watts per kilo. Talk to your team manager if you have any questions on where you should race, or read this post from Zwift.
Riders must use a power sensor to transmit power to the game – this would be a smart trainer, smartbike, or power meter. (Technically, you’re allowed to race B, C, and D categories with a “classic” trainer and virtual power., but your points are cut in half.)
Heart rate monitors are required. (Technically, you’re allowed to race B, C, and D categories without a HRM, but your points are cut in half.)